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Helo Protocol is an open platform to unify the blue collar workforce in India, to bring together maids, cooks, nannies, security guards, car washers, valets and servers - people who run our homes, buildings and offices daily.

More than 350 Million people in India have smartphones and this number is increasing thanks to Jio. And yet, most of the blue collar workforce is not yet online. We don't know much about them, other than the agencies that employ them. Wouldn’t it be great if you had LinkedIn style profiles of the workforce you employ, or are looking to employ ? If we could share our experiences about the worker. If we could view their past work history, what their employers have said about them, how proficient they are.

There are three sides to every story - yours, mine and the truth. Similarly, there are three sides to this ecosystem : consumers, agencies and the workforce.

As consumers, we want professionalism. We pay agencies and expect services from them.
Agencies are running a business out of the services provided by workforce.
Workforce is working to earn capital.

While we all understand the perspectives of Consumers, we don’t yet fully understand the workforce.
  • Who are these people ?
  • What are their challenges ?
  • What makes us believe they are unprofessional ?
  • Why do they behave unprofessionally ?
  • How (and how much) do they earn ?
  • Where does that money go ?

Join the platform to see this workforce first hand, and employ them.

Helo Protocol helps you view and hire pre-screened & background checked blue collar workforce (maids, nannies, cooks, car washers, etc.). See them online before hiring them.
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